Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gilmores celebrate a belated Father's Day

On Saturday, we decided to take a little adventure for a belated Father's Day with Ericlee. We started with a pancake breakfast at Daddy's request. Then we all needed to get out of our little one-bedroom apartment on campus and take a break from the college world. We joined up with a group we read about in the paper called KIVA, which stands for Kids In the Valley Adventuring. They had an outdoor field trip planned. We met at the Roanoke Co-op and got a cool tour of all the organic and yummy natural foods sold there. They even served up healthy snacks for the 50-some people who came. They had story time for the kids and then we headed out for a nearby trail into the woods.

The theme of the day as a bug hunt. They passed out little cards and you could search along the trail for the various bugs. Meilani didn't want to stay in the hiking backpack very long. She wanted out and onto the trail to look for bugs and butterflies like the other kids. This is really the first time she's hiked on her own so it was fun to watch her wonder at every turn.

We met other families and chatted about parenting and fun places to go in Roanoke.

We packed a picnic lunch of grilled eggplant & cheese sandwiches, which we ate after our hike with some fresh cantaloupe. Then Miss Meilani settled in for a nice afternoon nap. She was pooped! Saturday night Mommy and Daddy had a "date night in" and watched the great foodie movie, No Reservations. Needless to say, Father's Day was a little more meaningful this weekend now that we know we are pregnant and soon Ericlee will be a Daddy of two!

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Thank you for coming out for KIVA Saturday. It was so great to have new people come along. Check out our further adventures at Congrats on your great news!