Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture of the Day: Making New Friends and Visiting Old Ones

On Sunday, we had lunch with one of Ericlee's old roommates, Justin Pickering, who was also part of the Cutting Edge singles group at our church. We haven't seen Justin for seven years! What a treat to meet him and his wife (from Grand Rapids) and his two boys, George and newborn Franklin.

Meilani and George are only a few days apart in age and they both have the high-energy, firstborn personalities. They had so much fun bouncing on the furniture together and riding trikes. We are excited Justin and his family live here in Roanoke closeby our apartment.

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Anonymous said...

Meilani looks totally at home and having fun with her new friend. What a blessing to find this family so close by and reunite with their friendship!

Love you,