Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Pey-Pey!

Last Sunday we celebrated our little friend Peyton's 5th birthday. His parents planned a very creative party for him at the Children's Museum of the Sierra in Oakhurst. This cool children's space offers opportunities for kids to explore the ocean, dig for artifacts, study medicine and wildlife, drive a fire truck and play in their very own art space. We loved it!
One of Meilani's fave spots was the train area. She's very into trains, planes and automobiles. That's what happens when we travel so much with our child!
There was a fun dress-up area where kids could put on costumes and perform on a little stage. Meilani was still feeling a little droopy from getting sick over the weekend but she was content to sit on my lap while I played a bit of piano.

Meliz McGowen, Peyton's oldest sister, got really into the dress-up time. She poses as a doctor and gives out orders to the little ones. So imaginative!

Kamryn Schultz smiles for the camera inside a giant expandable ball toy that started out small enough to hold in your hand and stretched large enough to sit inside. Very cool!

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The VM Family said...

This family rocks at birthday parties!

I've been liking your hair straight, too