Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ericlee joins hundreds biking to work

Today, Ericlee dusted off his bike, pumped up the tires, oiled the chain and headed out for work on his bike. He joined hundreds of other men and women across our city who are biking to work to make a statement about health and the environment.

We live a 10-minute drive (6.5 miles) from Fresno Christian School where he teaches. It's definitely a commitment to ride there on some busy streets, but manageable.

Why ride?

Today is Bike2Work Day in Fresno.

Ericlee told me last night he wanted to bike to work this last week of school to save money on gas. (Can you tell it's the end of the month for us?) Well, we're all feeling the affects of high gas prices. 'nough said on that one. We'd rather spend our four bucks elsewhere. I reminded my hubby that today is Bike to Work Day. What a perfect opportunity to get started!

Ericlee also just started a new hefty workout routine. Admittedly, he has not be consistent in his workouts this spring because he had way too much on his plate in other areas. Now that our track season is over (we're coaches) and the school year is winding down he's committing to working out every day. We continue our healthy eating journey as well. The food choices alone have kept us "lean" this winter and spring, but it's time to take seriously our call to take care of our bodies fully by exercising.

Time to get all our bikes out and go for a spin.

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The VM Family said...

Very admirable, I do love the idea. Have fun with that when it hits 103 tomorrow! :)