Sunday, January 13, 2008

Wedding makes a winner date night for Gilmores

Saturday night we had our "date night" at a wedding. We watched one of our former track stars, Michelle Nachtigall, marry Kyle Warkentin at River Park church. The wedding was a beautiful black and white formal with pink rose accents. Michelle was a beauty queen with her signature winner smile. We had fun reflecting on her time in high school with us.

Michelle was our first four-year track athlete who won a varsity letter all four years. She will graduate from Fresno Pacific University this spring after competing in her final track season. Michelle's younger sister, Melanie, is a senior at Fresno Christian. She's a volleyball/basketball star, but Ericlee taught her for Leadership class.

This event was also significant for us because it was our first night out with a babysitter watching Meilani. (Well, a babysitter besides grandparents, of course.) Our friends, Forest and Stacie, helped out on the home front while we dined in style. Meilani actually did quite well with Uncle Forest and Auntie Stacie. She was happily coloring at her table when we returned home.

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The Growing VM Family said...

You all look beautiful! So happy you got a little break from the tough job of parenting a toddler for a night.