Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gilmores bring in the New Year with friends, family and good eats

This New Year's Eve we were actually in Fresno. Usually we are traveling and visiting with family but because of Ericlee's basketball schedule we opted for staying close to home. We still made it special with a night out to a new Ethiopian restaurant, Lucy's Lair, with our friends Forest and Stacie. Grandma Chris had her own party with Meilani girl.

The food was fabulous - such a treat to have it here in Fresno since we often drive to Berkeley (3-hour drive) for good Ethiopian. After dinner, we headed to Forest and Stacie's apartment for some good, clean fun: board games and goodies. We played our ever-favorite, Ticket to Ride. Actually, Forest loved our Game Tourney idea from Christmas and he decided to host is own with prizes for everyone. Two other couples joined us, including our friends Cori and Darrel, who are also serious Ticket to Ride players. (Watch out!)

The Benedicts' dog, Sadie, was part of the evening's entertainment. She had all kinds of funny (and inappropriate) antics to add humor to the night. We also felt the aftermath of the next door neighbor's party - bumping bass and all. We rang in the new year, watching the ball drop and kissing our mates. The evening was relaxing and a much-needed break from the bustle of Christmas. Meanwhile, Meilani girl stayed up until midnight (!) with Grandma Chris and had a good old time.

On New Year's Day, we had Nana and Papa Lazo and Grandma and Grandpa Karlyn over for barbequing and football. We decided to continue the relaxed tone and try something new in the food department. We have never really done ribs before but we found a great deal on racks of beef ribs and I made this Mango-Red Pepper Barbeque Sauce.

The ribs, alongwith pilaf made by Grandma Chris and salad and crab dip appetizers made by Nana Maria were a huge hit - and a different menu from our fancy food throughout Christmas. I appreciated the extra help with the cooking after such a festive Christmas week menu. After our satisfying meal, Grandpa, Papa and Daddy watched football and cheered on Hawaii in a Bowl game.

Grandma Chris used her spiritual gifts in the kitchen and helped clean up. (What a gift!) She does dishes with gusto. Meilani flipped between playing with new Christmas toys and sitting like a big girl on the couch to watch football with the boys.

Our grand finale was the Mint Cookies 'n' Cream Holiday trifle, which is always fun to make and even more exciting to eat. What a wonderful way to ring in the new year.


The Growing VM Family said...

Ahhh, would have definitely NOT been able to handle the Ethopian food on New Year's. :) Ribs are actually one of Dave's specialties (something intrinsic about growing up in Chicago...) we'll have to treat you guys some time. Glad you had so much fun ringing in 2008! Love, Jen

rozilini said...

It was so fun reading about your Christmas and New Year's and, as always to hear mention of friends in common. Hope your 2008 is just as fun!