Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jumpin' for Jamba: Gilmores head out for a late-night field trip

Our sweet Meilani has been feeling under the weather this week. We think Daddy brought home some of those lovely "sickness germs" from his students. Mama was feeling some cabin fever after having to cancel all her appointments to hang out with friends and being quarantined at home. We decided it was high time to go on an little field trip out of our "cabin." Yes, you guessed it - we were off to Jamba Juice.

We grabbed a Coldbuster smoothie for the girl and even found this cool children's book on the shelf about staying active and the body. The Gilmores are pretty against fast food-type places - in case you didn't know that - but we're big advocates for Jamba Juice. (We pretty much live there during track season.) Our only question is: When are they gonna get a drive thru?

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The Growing VM Family said...

During the week of the stomach flu, a trip to Jamba Juice was my only outing too-- also for the purpose of curing cabin fever and getting not-yet-sick Dave that same smoothie, full of antioxidants and vitamin C. (It may have worked, he never officially caught what we had!)