Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Girls Night on the Town: Celebrating Danna's birthday

I'm learning as a stay-at-home mama that sanity depends on the occasional night out on my own or with the girls. I love my husband and my daughter but once in a while it's nice to abandon my mama and wife obligations and just relax. Saturday night Danna's birthday was just the excuse I needed to get away. Actually, I think all of us girls needed a little getaway. We rendezvoused at New Stars Vegetarian restaurant - a chic new Fresno restaurant for vegetarians and otherwise adventurous souls. Eleven of us girls convened on this little place in the name of "Girls' Night Out."

Danna has resolved to go vegetarian in 2008 (except for fish) so her choice of restaurant was appropriate. Our meal started with a delectable Coconut Chicken Lemon soup. I sat next to another dining adventurer, my friend Cori, and we decided to share two very different entrees - Eggplant Marinara served over a bed of pasta & Vegetable Coconut Curry served over a bed of brown rice. Both were unique. My rule is: never order something at a restaurant that you could make at home. The Vegetable Curry was definitely my fave. The meal was even sweeter with the coupons Stacie found online, which gave us $45 off our final bill. What a score!

The real fun of the night was not the food but the fellowship. We laughed, reminisced about the past, swapped parenting (& dating!) stories, laughed, teased the bus boy, and did I mention laughing? Yes, we had our fill. After dinner, Danna (who is quite the beautiful bachelorette in this photo) picked dessert at Ben & Jerry's around the corner. I was too stuffed for ice cream (gasp!) but it was great fun to be with friends. And Ericlee survived his stay-at-home Daddy night as well. Par-ty!

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The Growing VM Family said...

Did my ice-cream loving, mega-CARNIVORE friend really write this blog?