Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 7 of Giving: A Goat that keeps on Giving

Gerby and Calvin are pastors of a small church just outside the city of Pignon. The Fontaine church plant reaches out the people in the surrounding area. A one-room church building is a place for worship, conferences, Sunday School programs and more. 

One of the dreams of these two pastors who work side by side is to open a school for the children who live in this rural area. Many of them cannot afford to go to the other government or private schools. Currently, there is a piece of property for sale next to the church (pictured above) where they could build a small school.

Gerby had an idea to start some kind of income-generating project to help provide money for the school to pay the staff and offer scholarships for the students. His goal is to buy 10 goats that could be raised by the school children. This could be a learning project for them as well as a means to provide for the school.

You have probably heard about people giving goats for Christmas through other organizations like World Vision or Samaritan's Purse. After many trips to Haiti and living there for three months earlier this year, we saw how valuable goats are to Haitian culture. They can provide milk as well as meat. Haitians generally eat a diet of rice and beans. Chicken and goats are sold in the market for a good price for meat. One goat costs about $50 in U.S. dollars.

We have known Gerby since he was a young teenager. He is a passionate preacher and charismatic young leader. Pastor Calvin, who is in his 70s, has such a servant's heart and mentors Gerby while still working at his his own garden (small farm) to provide for his own large family. We are inspired by Gerby and Calvin and their hearts for the children and people in the town of Fontaine. These men travel to Fontaine at least twice a week to lead services at the church and care for the people there. We saw their dedication and vision for helping educate a new generation. 

**If you are interested in hearing more about how you could buy a goat in someone's name this Christmas or provide seed money for this income-generating project for the Fontaine School, please inquire through our ministry web site at www.ChristianFriendshipMinistries.org

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