Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 5 of Giving: Training up leaders

One of the young leaders of the church who truly was a gift to us during our time in Haiti earlier this year was Emmaniau. Over the last few years we have watched this young man grow in his leadership abilities. He has a gentle personality but a real passion for preaching and sharing the Word of God.

We had the privilege of watching Emmaniau in action as a leader in the church during the summer months when his seminary was on summer break. He was always at the church, helping with the morning prayer meetings, leading Sunday evening services, preaching, putting together special activities for the youth in the church, sharing Bible devotions and playing with the children in the orphanage even heading up a summer youth camp and summer school camp for elementary students.

Emmaniau came to us right away when we arrived in Haiti in June and asked if we could help him with his English. He offered to work on our Kreyol language skills with us as well. Each afternoon he would show up at the mission house with a notebook in hand, ready to share in a time of learning and conversation. He proved an eager learner and patient teacher.

We are passionate about investing in young leaders and training them up through mentorship and education so they can be involved in keeping the church and our non-profit alive in the future. Emmaniau has committed himself to completing a seminary degree at Bolos in Haiti. He works hard on his studies and spends his vacations back home in Pignon serving the church.

What impressed us most about Emmaniau is that he truly has a heart to serve others. He exemplifies the servant leader.

*Emmaniau is currently attending a seminary in Haiti called Bolos. The cost is approximately $2,200 per year for tuition and room and board. If you would like to help provide a scholarship for Emmaniau or another one of the young leaders in this coming up in this ministry, donate through Christian Friendship Ministries. Indicate your designation for our "Scholarship Fund."

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