Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 11 of Giving: Love is a Verb

For Peter Constantin, love is a verb.

His love for the Haitian people, especially those in the northern mountains of Haiti where he grew up, is expressed through service.

Peter has been the Haitian director of Christian Friendship Ministries since 2005. During that time he has been working basically as a volunteer with very little - if any - compensation each month.

Peter wears many hats. He oversees the committee and workers for The Bridge Christian Children's Home orphanage. He leads the board for the Evangelical Baptist Church of Pignon. He preaches on Sundays when one of the pastors of the four main churches in Pignon, St. Raphael, Savanette or Fontaine are not available. He also helps host American teams when they come to serve in Haiti.

Peter is a true pastor. He mentors young people. He inspires the elder leaders. He is a peacemaker in the church. He encourages and helps people find work so they can provide for their own families. He shepherds the needy.

We appreciate Peter because he is a visionary. He dreams of one day starting a trade school to help train young people in practical skills so they can become mechanics, computer technicians, electricians and other jobs needed in Haiti. He is passionate about developing skills and new jobs so Haitians can provide for themselves and raise up out of hopelessness. Peter is also helping Christian Friendship Ministries in the building of a new orphanage building in St. Raphael, which will offer a new home to 15 orphans who live there now.

Peter loves to work with his hands. He is constantly fixing up things at the orphanage or adding improvements to the Mission House and school in Pignon. Over the years Peter has gained a lot of experience in building and construction. He enjoys leading in these types of projects as well.

Right now Peter drives back and forth weekly between Port Au Prince where he works and Pignon where he serves. He puts in many miles for this commute. Meanwhile, his wife and three daughters are living in the United States where his wife is working to help their family and his daughters are attending school. His eldest will be a senior in high school this year. 

**In 2012, our organization will be helping raise a salary so Peter can work full-time for Christian Friendship Ministries. We want to be able to help him and bless his family for his hard work in so many areas. Please consider a one-time gift or a monthly pledge to help Peter so he can serve full-time and spend less time commuting.

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