Friday, August 06, 2010

Haiti Update: Kids put on the "Full Armor of God"

Our Vacation Bible School for the orphans in Haiti continued today. Through Bible story time, Arts & Crafts, Games and Drama, we have been teaching the kids about the Armor of God (found in Ephesians). Nancy taught the Bible story today, explaining the importance of the Shield of Faith.
The children delighted in painting their shields made of paper mache a few days earlier. Here Judelene (who is sponsored by The Bridge MOPS group in Fresno) shows off her skills with the silver paint. These children rarely have the opportunity to do art projects because of limited resources here in Haiti. Dana, Jenn and Stephanie have headed up the crafts and it's been fun to watch the kids really get excited about these projects. We even taught them to tie-dye T-shirts, which they had never seen before.

Jeremy, Ericlee and Kelly headed up the Drama/Theater class for the kids. They even set up this fancy backdrop for the Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego skit. It was so cute to see the kids act out the story. One boy was an angel who was in the fiery furnace. Jeremy acted as then king (with his hilarious princess crown) JoJo was our translator extraordinaire, following up on what he learned teaching drama last year with Jeremy and Marcy Pusey.
We did have an accident happen at Vacation Bible School today. One girl, Milove, had a bench fall on her head. This turned into an opportunity for Bev, Kelly and I to love on this sweet girl. Even Giada showed her compassion, running over to her and patting her arm. She did not want to leave Milove's side.

Ericlee's creative game time included having the kids throw water balloons at a target from the second floor of the orphanage. They also did a Water Brigade game, passing the balloons down the line as quickly as they could. At the end, we had a dozen or so water balloons that were not used so I secretly had all the kids launch a sneak attack on Ericlee. Squeals of laughter ensued.

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