Thursday, August 05, 2010

Haiti Update: Christmas in August

The overall highlight of today for our team was handing out gifts to the children after Vacation Bible School. The sponsors of each child sent packages from the United States. These packages contained art supplies and dolls and cars and clothes and shoes and stickers and even pictures of the sponsors’ families. First we sorted the packages at the house. We made sure each child had a package, including a new outfit and pair of shoes that would fit them.

At the orphanage, we passed out the packages and asked each child to wait until we gave the signal. We were all armed with our cameras to make sure to get lots of good photos to share the moment with friends back home.

Personally, I love Christmas. I get great joy in picking out gifts for family and friends. I love carefully wrapping each package and anticipating what the person will say. What we experienced today was like Christmas times one thousand. These are kids who have so few toys and clothes compared to American kids. It’s hard to really describe the looks of complete wonder and joy when they all tore into their packages.

I can still see the look of wonder of little James’ face when he opened his soccer ball. Judelene was absolutely elated about her Princess & the Frog doll. Ronaldo poured over a picture book. Serline clung to her Veggie Tales DVD. Wilken proudly showed me his new colored pencils.

I was so impressed by the way the kids were even willing to share their gifts. Probably the most exciting gift for the girls was Astrude’s black baby doll complete with a pacifier, clothes and hat. All the girls gathered around and posed with the doll. Astrude seemed not to mind sharing at all.

I had the privilege of taking pictures of each child with their gifts so we can send the sponsors a piece of that moment. I am not a photographer but I got the chance to understand what it is like to try and capture a priceless moment in time like that.


Cindy said...

What a precious day, thank you for capturing and sharing some of the the moments that occurred! We have been thinking of you and all of the people in your paths these weeks. Our family has had huge highs and lows over the weeks of bringing Jeremiah home, so I'll fill you in when you return. Overall, God is just transforming our hearts- I can't look at these pictures of orphans with you without wondering how we can squeeze one more child into our home! God's blessings shower down as you spend these final days in Pignon. I love you!

VM Family said...

My favorite post yet! Look at those beaming smiles! Though you wouldn't know, from my lack of comments, I AM thoroughly enjoying your Haiti updates. This one in particular really makes me think about the over-abundance of toys, books, dolls and craft supplies we have jammed in places around our house. After your study on excess, you have found real life examples of contentment with less!

Your family, the girls especially, remain in our prayers.

Love, Jen