Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Haiti Update: Bridge team shares highlights

We have a tradition in our family that we always share highlights at the end of the day. It's a chance to catch up on the ways God has blessed us and to appreciate the little moments. We have continued this tradition with our short-term mission teams that come to Haiti. Here are some of the highlights shared by our team members tonight:
Dorina: I loved watching the kids do the game time led by Ericlee. We had them do a jump rope relay and the littlest boy (James) was the cutest. Just yesterday he couldn't do any jump rope but today his team encouraged him and he was able to do ten jumps. My heart melted watching his effort.

Jenn: I loved going paper mache with the kids this afternoon. They were messy and having fun. I loved it! I also LOVE all the random hugs. 

Dana: I loved shopping for souvenirs. Each of the ladies brought such a wonderful array of items.

Bev: I enjoyed talking with Eracin (the Bible teacher and caretaker for the orphans).

Kelly: I loved spinning and dancing with the little girls! I also loved when all the little girls helped me wash my hands after paper mache time.

Stephanie: I enjoyed teaching the kids how to make paper mache for their "shields of faith." I also had a fun experience watching Judelene pump water. She used her whole body to get that pump going.


Jeremy: I liked playing wiffle ball with the boys in the yard this afternoon. We taught them baseball last year and it was fun to see they remembered some of it.
Giada: I loved learning how to wash clothes from the ladies at the orphanage. ;)

Ericlee: I had fun sharing a box of granola bars with the neighborhood kids this afternoon.

Nancy: I was blessed by Serline who saw that my hands were dirty after making paper mache and she carefully washed my hands and face. She took her time and showed so much love in helping me.

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