Monday, August 18, 2008

Splish-Splash: It's a Party!

It's no surprise that Meilani has one daily mission: swimming. Only she calls it "fimming." Every morning we wake up and have breakfast and she asks me, "My friends come over? Go fimming?" Well, last Wednesday we did lure some other water-lovin' friends to come over for lunch and a little impromptu pool party.
Pepe was the king of the pool. In fact, he didn't get out of the pool for the whole afternoon. He just swam back and forth in this little floaty ring and had some big fun.

Meanwhile, his lil bro, Preston, also got a little dip in the pool with his Mama Jessica. The water was surprisingly calming for the little guy. Guess he's following in his older brother's footsteps.

Isaiah and Amy hung out too - sporting their cool pool look.
Isaiah's younger bro, Luke, was content to hang out in our bowl chair with a shiny balloon to keep him happy all afternoon. We dined on homemade pizza and fruit and all had a splashing good time.

Anyone else up for a swim?

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The VM Family said...

Yes! We're up for a swim! How 'bout this weekend? :)