Saturday, August 23, 2008

All-Sports Back-to-School Luau: Gilmores run the track booth

On Friday, we headed to Fresno Christian School to help Ericlee with the Track booth at the All-Sports Back-to-School Luau. We had a blast. First stop for Meilani girl: the bounce house!

We had two track events at our booth. Kids (and even parents) bought tickets and played sports-related contests. We hosted the standing long jump (pictured here). The overall winner was Mr. Ford, who even beat his track star kids in long jump.

Ericlee manned the 50-yard dash. He borrowed the nifty timing device from Velocity gym where he worked and we recorded the best times of kids ages 4 through adult. They had fun dashing for the finish.

Grandma Chris came to check out the festivities with her Hawaiian grandgirl, Meilani. After the contests, there was a big burger barbeque and all the teams were introduced. The new football coach, Bonner Cunnings, was introduced.

Maybe the best part of the event was catching up with the other coaches' families. The mamas got to chat it up and the kids ran free through the carnival. Here the Schultz girls watch the 50-yard-dash with Meilani.


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