Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Marathon: Gilmores host Track team party

Have you all been addicted to the Olympics? We sure have. We've been staying up late and walking around bleary-eyed during the day because we couldn't miss this sports event of the year. Meilani was even allowed to stay up a few nights with Mama & Daddy - especially to watch her fave "Michael Phelpss" and some of the track events.

On Thursday, we hosted a little Olympic-watching party with our Fresno Christian Track team and a few alumni runners. It's always more fun to watch the Olympics with friends and since Thursday was a big track & field night we decided to invite Meilani's track "friends" over. We provided the dessert and munchies but the group provided the entertainment. We all giggled over commentary from Doug. Aliza Ford won our Olympic trivia contest. And, as to be expected, Meilani won the award for best track cheerleader. (You think she's had some training?)

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The VM Family said...

Well, if you're going to cuddle up with someone, it might as well be a shirtless Michael Phelps! :)

Are you all in Olympics withdrawl?