Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pizza Party at the Gilmore Filling Station

This week Meilani and Mama enjoyed some visits from a few of our favorite friends. Meilani is really into "babies" right now. Maybe it's because most of the people we know have newborns.

Our friends Christine and baby Caleb stopped by Tuesday for lunch. Caleb is three months now and he getting to be a big boy. He's going to be a cute blond when he grows up. Meilani followed him all around the house saying, "BabybabyBaby!" We're not sure if that was her pick-up line but she was quite enamored with him.
Our friends Allison and baby Mia surprised us Wednesday with a little visit. We fondly call our place the Gilmore Filling Station because all the mommies like to come over and breastfeed on the big red couch. Meilani got to hold baby Mia for a few minutes. Mia is also three months and growing as well. As her face reveals, holding babies is serious business for Meilani.
On Thursday, our new neighbor, James, came for a visit while his mommy got a few hours to herself. Meet Iron Chefs James and Meilani. This week's secret ingredient: pizza. They helped me roll out the homemade pizza dough, top it with sauce, cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms.
James really threw his muscle into the business of rolling. (Love that face!) James is 3 so Meilani got a taste of hanging out with an "older" kid. He was very concerned about the fact that she does not say the train noise, "Choo! Choo!" correctly. Meilani kept doing her sign language and saying "TooTooToo!" much to his dismay. Kids are such a riot. After we got over that, the two of them had fun playing "Bumper Ball" with our exercise ball. They would throw/roll it at each other and try to knock each other over. Thank goodness for our new carpet in the office/playroom!

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The Growing VM Family said...

New carpet? Cool! We got your card today and it is gorgeous. The fluffy pink coat girls are Jetta's 4 oldest (to answer your question.) Excited to keep reading about all your holiday plans!

Love, Jen