Sunday, December 09, 2007

Meilani discovers Christmas ornaments

We tried our hand at this video thang. We have a little video device on our digital camera so it's not the best quality but we thought it would be fun for some of you to actually see and hear Meilani in action. This one is especially for family and friends we haven't seen in a while. Meilani is certainly drinking in the sights, smells and wonder of the season. Enjoy!


The Growing VM Family said...

That Santa and Baby Jesus ornament is my favorite one too! I just found it last year, after looking for a long time.

The Growing VM Family said...

Oh and oops, I should have checked your "Recipe Feature"...of course you'd have healthy alternitives to all that Christmas junk food I was talking about! :)

Schultz Family said...

How cute to actually see Meilani in action!