Monday, December 17, 2007

The Bridge Caroling Crew: Singing in the Streets

Last night we joined our friends from The Bridge church for a Christmas caroling extravaganza in the neighborhood. This is the second year our church hosted this event but the first time we were able to go. We gathered in our worship center to sing carols and then we split up into groups of about 10 people and go out into the neighborhood to share those carols.

Jeff Zimmerman, the Junior High pastor at our church, led our group. We had fun moving along Ashlan and Bond streets, singing at each house. Theresa and Amy Crockett were also a part of our team. A favorite song was "Hark the Herald Angels Sing." Ericlee got the award for the loudest singing - not always on tune though.

Naomi, who is 3, served as our team's expert stocking deliverer. We handed out stockings at each door after we caroled. The stockings included some Christmas goodies and an invitation to our church. Naomi won their hearts with the cute factor. One family just moved into the neighborhood and they were so excited to see visitors at their doorstep. The Dad had a winner smile and thanked us profusely. He made the whole night worth it.

Our friends Stacie and Forest were also on our team. They helped us entertain Meilani on the cold walk and we could chat in between singing. Here Stacie shows off her new Christmas 'do if you can see her hair under that striped hat.

Meilani was pooped after we completed our 20-some houses and called it a night. She was ready to get "DOWN!" from her post in the hiking backpack. After the singing, we met up with the other groups back at the church for some hot cocoa and a buffet of homemade cookies. What an enchanted evening of old fashioned Christmas caroling!


The Growing VM Family said...

What fun! Out little songbird, Ela's been so into the Christmas songs this year. All-time fave is Jingle Bells. We promote Away In A Manger. :)

Love your (albeit off-tune) spirit Ericlee!

Schultz Family said...

What an awesome collage of pictures at the top! Those pics turned out guys make such a beautiful and photogenic family! love you guys, Auntie Jen

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful outreach at The Bridge--caroling and giving gifts and invitations in the neighborhood. Looks like you had a fun and memorable time doing it. Dad and I hope to join the group next year, but were on our way to Chicago/Detroit this year.
Love & joy,
Nana and Papa