Thursday, October 04, 2007

Story Time at Petunia's Place

After a week of busyness, Meilani and Mama went to a local children's bookstore, Petunia's Place this morning for Story Time. We met Jen Schultz and her girls, Addison and Tessa. Addison is always so good with Meilani and even invited her to sit in her lap to look at books.

The Story Time lasted about 30 minutes but my sweet Meilani only managed to stay seated for about 10 minutes of that time - off and on. She wasn't too into the cramped quarters. She wanted to be free - exploring the bookstore, gathering up the stuffed animals she could find and checking out the toys for kids.

After we had our fill of dog books, board books, stuffed bears and squirrels, and other such diversions, we headed out to the courtyard. Tessa and Meilani peeked at the wishing well fountain. Thank goodness it wasn't low enough to climb in. We stayed dry today.

Then we headed to our Fig Garden library to return some books. Meilani liked this adventure a little more because she was more free to roam the book shelves and play with toys and puzzles without people breathing down her neck. I guess that's one advantage of going to the library at lunch time.

After a morning of books, toys and friends, my "energy girl" was pooped. She fell asleep in the car seat, holding tightly to her two new books from the library. When I tried to remove them from her arms, she woke up and said, "NO!" and then promptly fell back asleep.

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Allison Vasquez said...

You've created a book monster!