Monday, October 22, 2007

Cross Country team sprints for the finish

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Last Thursday, Meilani and I went to our first Cross Country meet to cheer on Daddy and his Cross Country team. Contrary to popular belief, cross country is fairly different from track & field. They are similar because they both involve running but cross country is running on terrain, sometimes through the forest and not always on a path. We trekked to Reedley College for Thursday's meet and followed the athletes on their 3.1-mile course near the college football field. We discovered cross country is a bit harder on spectators since you can't just sit in the stands and cheer. You actually have to strategize good spots to watch the runners. We were especially proud of some of the track athletes we know who are doing cross country now too - like Janae Ford, Ellie Wilhelm, Doug Daniel, Nathan Hinojosa and Whitney Chessum.

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The Growing VM Family said...

Go, Ericlee, Go! What a neat thing to be a part of.

Love, Jen