Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 9 of 12 Artisans of Christmas: Meet Maniolitha

aniolitha from Pignon group

For the 12 days before Christmas we are featuring the stories of 12 of our friends from Haiti. They are all artisans for The Haitian Bead Project started in 2011. They are learning how to turn trash into treasure by making jewelry from recycled cardboard beads. They each have stories of transformation and God's grace. Our desire is to encourage all of you this season with these gifts from God.

Maniolitha loves children. Although she does not have any biological children yet, she is like a mother to 18 children in The Bridge Christian Children's Home orphanage. Maniolitha lives in the orphanage and works as a dorm parent. Her life is devoted to bathing kids, braiding hair, preparing food, helping with school lessons, teaching the Bible, going to market to buy clothes and weekly groceries.

Her rich voice rings out as she sings little ones to sleep each night.


When Maniolitha gets a break from watching kids, she is up in the choir loft of the Evangelical Church of Pignon singing her heart out. Her other favorite hobby is rolling recycled cardboard beads and creating beautiful jewelry.

Maniolitha was part of the original group of nine artisans who started The Haitian Bead Project in Pignon, Haiti in 2011. Over the last year and a half, she has perfected her bead-making, learned to make new products and even ventured out to create her own style.

The project has given Maniolitha new confidence and inspired her creative side. Maniolitha's jewelry often showcases rich colors: greens, purples, blues. She loves making long necklaces and even designed some new earrings this summer.

IMG_6025 (427x640)

Maniolitha dreams about getting married one day to her boyfriend and having children of her own. For now, she's saving the money she makes for a wedding and a house.

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