Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 10 of 12 Artisans of Christmas: Meet Therese

 of The Haitian Bead Project

For the 12 days before Christmas we are featuring the stories of 12 of our friends from Haiti. They are all artisans for The Haitian Bead Project started in 2011. They are learning how to turn trash into treasure by making jewelry from recycled cardboard beads. They each have stories of transformation and God's grace. Our desire is to encourage all of you this season with these gifts from God.

When Therese joined The Haitian Bead Project in the summer of 2012 she didn't know exactly what she was getting into. She entered the one-room church building where the artisans meet greeting everyone with a smile.

This mama of three children - one girl and two boys - has an adventurous spirit and is eager to try to new things. That showed right away.

eads to the Savanette ladies

Therese was an active part of summer training sessions with visiting teachers like Dana Johnson. She watched carefully and quickly learned the technique to roll beads from recycled paper and string into bracelets, classic and layering necklaces.

Not only did Therese develop her skills as a jewelry artisan, she also has formed friendships with the women in her group. They share problems, successes and even prayer requests as they gather each week to make beads.

d Project in Summer 2012

Therese expresses her desire to save money so all her kids can get an education and learn English. She wants to provide them hope for the future.

She tries out some of the English she has learned: "Thank you," she says flashing that signature smile.

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