Thursday, July 14, 2011

A week ago today we experienced a burglary in our house here in Pignon. Ericlee and I heard the crash of glass in the middle of the night. I thought it was our cat, Mimi, who is often prowling after mice at night. Ericlee started to get up but something held him back. We later reflected that even this was God's design. When he woke up at dawn the next morning, Ericlee went to open the door for our cooks. He found the floor littered with glass and the front door by our yard ajar. My computer, our intern Ben's computer and our cell phone were gone. VBS craft supplies were scattered on the lawn and clearly the burglar had taken the duffle bag to carry the items.

Ericlee returned to bed to tell me. We were both in shock that someone was in the house while our Bridge team were sleeping. As the team woke we all shared the news. We felt in different stages of that shock of being violated and the fear of our own safety.

I quickly felt a peace about my computer. Sure, it's going to be hard for this writer mama to live without a computer for a few months. Even now I'm trying to blog on my iPhone and paying who knows how much for the data. Yet I know this computer is replaceable. I backed up everything before I came to Haiti.

I am deeply grateful that no one was hurt and God protected us. I was more ticked at first to realize our team might feel unsafe now. I have had to work through my own fears and some restless nights. I am reminded that God did not call our family to serve in Haiti because it would be easy or even always safe. No place really is. Burglaries happen in the U.S too. God calls us to obedience.

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