Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Bridge team partners with Haitians to lead Vacation Bible School

This sweet little face showed up for Vacation Bible School in Pignon along with 240 others on Monday morning. Each day the numbers increase and our biggest challenge is figuring out how to organize them all into groups and feed them lunch.

The day starts with singing led by Walquis, Bible story time by Maria Lazo, and a short message given by Pastor Mele.  After that, we split the kids into groups and rotate them through crafts, games and drama classes. Our team from The Bridge church has partnered with a team of Haitian young people who attend the Pignon church. They work side-by-side to teach, translate and prepare for a Haitian-led VBS in one of the other villages next week.
Our team's leader Ross Jenkins helps get the kids into lines to head down to the "cafeteria" for lunch. A meal of rice and beans and pasta is prepared each day by Haitian ladies from the church. The kids are eager for this meal; some may only eat one meal a day.

* We apologize for the sparse updates. Our internet connection is horribly slow these days and just about the only thing that loads is Facebook. I wrote a whole blog about all the fun details and highlights of VBS but it's lost somewhere in Cyberspace. Thanks for your patience!

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