Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year: Wii Like to Party Family-Style

This New Year's Eve we decided to have some fun with friends and our kiddos.

We continued our now 3-year tradition with our friends Forest and Stacie to go out for Ethiopian food on New Year's Eve. Joining us this year was their little man, Nathanael, who arrived in the U.S. by way of Ethiopia earlier this year. He has been a blessing to us all. I babysit Nathanael four days a week so he has very much become a part of our family as well.

Also joining us on this Ethiopian food adventure were the Freeland family. The Freelands and their five kids have become like family to us as well in 2009. We traveled to Haiti together and since then have found lots of opportunities to bond with our families. Meilani is hanging out here with her Freeland sister Aeniah. They are trying out the injera bread!
After dinner, we all headed back to the Freelands house for a "Rock Band" tour by the daddies. Wow, was it a tour. Then the kiddos played Wii as we all rang in the new year. Good times, great friends.

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VM Family said...

Love that last picture. Ericlee's expression is too funny! We love Wii parties with friends too!