Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gilmores road trip to the Bay Area to see friends, family

This weekend we hung out with some old college friends of mine, Barnaby and Rachel Gloger, and their cuties Ruby and Kai. Barn and Rachel and I traveled to Central America together in college and lived in Costa Rica for a semester. It's amazing to think that was more than 10 years ago but our lives still intersect and seem to parallel today as we make similar life choices. The influence of living in another country and learning about politics and social justice together has really shaped us.
Our kids, especially our oldest girls, are kindred spirits. Both Ruby and Meilani possess the same creative energy and love for imaginative play. One moment they are prancing around like princesses, the next moment they are geared up for bike riding and off roading with reckless abandon.
Our weekend with the Glogers included yummy meals and trips to the park. The adults squeezed in some good "adult conversation" about life and the future and the kids played hard. It's always a breath of fresh air to hang out with these friends because they inspire us with the way they parent, how they use their resources and make their faith a part of their lives. The Glogers are also expecting a third so it was fun to spoil them with a homemade Italian meal and celebrate with them a baby on the way this May.
Our trip to the Bay Area also included a stop in San Jose for a baby shower. Meilani hung out with her cousin Kalina. We all met baby Autumn, another new cousin and daughter to Kim and Barry. We also celebrated baby Ryland coming this spring to cousins Jeffrey and Caitlin.

It's baby time!

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