Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gilmores celebrate an early Christmas in Fresno with Mom & Larry

We celebrated Christmas a week early with Ericlee's parents this year to allow for some travel time. Nama Chris prepared a fabulous Armenian American dinner for us complete with her famous pilaf, kufta and souberag. After dinner we dug into the mountain of presents Mom spoiled us with. I made Grandma this special photo cube for her desk to hold memos and pictures.

Meilani ripped into her first (and most exciting) present, which was a set of twin dolls. Now Meilani girl can mother her babies just like mama takes care of Giada and Nathanael. The babies came with a crib, car seat carrier, seat for the table, front carrier and several sets of clothes. Such fun!

Giada mostly enjoyed tearing through the paper and eating the bows but she did take notice of a few gifts like her first Bible from Nama.

Daddy Santa enjoyed a night of reading his new sports book and the little testament.

Meilani and Grandpa bonded over a new food-making Play-doh set. Grandpa totally dug his new U2 360 CD. We were very blessed by some family time together with just the six of us.

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Anonymous said...

What a delight to walk through this past year for your family, appreciating the highlights, seeing how God has used the challenges, and mostly admiring how 2009 has planted so many seeds for your lives going into 2010.
I continue to love your humble spirit and how no wave rocks your and Ericlee's steadfast commitment to continuously seek God's will for your lives.
Cindy & Fam