Monday, March 16, 2009

Picnic at the Park: Happy 1st Birthday, Cynthia!

This weekend we had more visitors to introduce to Baby Giada. Uncle Paul, Auntie Michelle and Baby Cynthia drove up from L.A. And the big news is - Cindy is not the baby of the family anymore. She turned one on Sunday...

Meilani helped Auntie Michelle bake Cindy's first birthday cake - this sweet little heart - soon to be destroyed by chubby little fingers...

Cindy dug into her cake without reservation. She clobbered the frosting and proceeded to smear the evidence all over her shoes, clothes and face. Now that's a birthday cake to remember!

Mary and Antonio and another soon-to-be 1-year-old Olivia also joined in the festivities. Cindy and Livy loved their time together on the picnic blanket with all the new toys.

Uncle Paul got his Vitamin D fill for the day with a sleeping Giada on his chest.

Rumor has it: Cindy even took down big Cuz Meilani for her big wheel. The truth of this rumor is yet to be determined.

Meilani did have big fun playing with her cousin this weekend - lots of kisses and hard hugs.

Cindy loves to giggle and she also loved to ride around the slippery kitchen floor on this blanket-turned-sled with her cousin. Girls, Girls, Girls!

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The VM Family said...

How is Cindy 1 already?! Happy birthday to your beautiful niece!