Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"I'm a BIG sister!"

Our Meilani, who will be 3 at the end of May, is a big sister now. She's taking her role very seriously. Some days this means she wants to do everything to help with the baby. She wants to change Giada's diapers (except for the poop ones), nurse her, burp her and even dance with her. Sometimes Mama encourages this eagerness. Other times Mama holds her breath and says a fervent prayer. Day by day we are learning to be more gentle with the baby. Big sis is also having less and less "attention tantrums," which usually are loud outbursts or begging Daddy to "hold me hold me."
We even caught Meilani in the act of reading to her baby sister the other morning. One of Meilani's favorite pasttimes is reading Bible stories in bed with Mama each day. In this pic, she decides to share her time with Giada.

Meilani also likes to play "tea party" with Giada. She serves her sandwiches (aka this fake jalapeno pepper) and spots of tea. Giada gives her two-cents worth about the tea party spread in this photo.

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The VM Family said...

Way to go, Meilani! We're so proud of you, big sis!