Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Meilani discovers pinata at the Pumpkin Party

We celebrated Halloween this year with many different parties and good times with friends. The Ganzenhubers hosted one of their famous kid gatherings on October 31st. Stephanie is mama extraordinaire with her little craft tables, snack tables and kids activities. Meilani loves the crafts and made several "glitter" pumpkins throughout this party.
The Shehadys made a pumpkin pinata for the party. The pumpkin was filled with goodies and the kids lined up to smack it with a pool noodle (giggle.) Meilani aka Larry the Cucumber refused to take a turn hitting the pinata because she thought it was too pretty. She was quite traumatized when it was finally busted open by Christian.

Ganon aka Superman dug the decorate-your-own cupcake table. (This prompted his super power!)

The kids had so much fun with all those sprinkles, pumpkin candies and chocolate chips.

Meilani refused to wear her costume most of the day (because it was so dang hot - what else is new in Fresno?) but she was keen on getting her face painted by Devon. She got a spider on her cheek and a pumpkin on our hand while she hung out with her bud, Ryan. Good times, good times!

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The VM Family said...

I love how you guys find lots of ways to celebrate the innocent treats of Halloween (dressing up, pumpkins, fellowship...) without any of the "tricks". :)