Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday Field Trip: Kids check out the animals at Fresno State's farm

On Friday, we piled in the car for another Friday field trip with our Mothering & Playing group. This time our destination was the nearby Fresno State farm for a tour. This was a little different from other farms we've been to since we had a student tour guide and there was a focus on sheep, cows and pigs. Meilani loved the little lambs and the chance to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" at the top of her lungs. The fuzzy guys let us get up close and pet them.

We trekked out to see the cows in the pasture and hear about the whole milking ordeal. Let's just say we saw the biggest "milk pump" you can imagine. Preston McGowen was checking out this "fellow milker." We saw mama cows, baby calves and daddy bulls.

Next stop: to see the horses. Fresno State has a great Equestrian team and the horses are well taken care of. Our tour guide was part of the Varsity team. Our friends, Isa and Terry, pose just beyond the horse stables. (Meilani took this pic!)

After the tour, our group settled in for an afternoon picnic in the park across from the farm. Meliz (the big sis of our group) smiles for the camera with Preston aka Phatty.

After lunch in the shade of the fiery-colored trees, the kids found a platform/stage and started performing. Guess who started that brigade? Yes, Meilani was singing her favorite show tunes from "Sound of Music" and more. The other kids started dancing. (We're going to need to build one of those stages in our backyard or something!)

We missed the group pic since prego mama was in the bathroom but here's a celebration of all our mommy and kid friends plus one dad from Play Group. What a fun way to spend an afternoon. And Fresno State's farm is right down the street!

Meilani and Milani say goodbye to the farm...

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The VM Family said...

I love that while most of the rest of the counrty is enjoying snow and freezing temps, we are at the peak of fall. Fun on the farm-- the perfect way to enjoy your friends and fall!