Friday, March 07, 2008

Inspired by Art: Small group takes a field trip

Thursday night we took a break with our Small Group friends to check out ArtHop. ArtHop is a semi-monthly arts affair in Fresno. Art venues in downtown Fresno and the Tower District open their doors and allow community members to indulge in a buffet of art around the city for free. This event happens every other Thursday night but we've never had the chance to attend. Our friend Allison mapped out the plans of which galleries to see - and we were all very inspired. We went to three galleries and saw: photographs of India, large, jazz-inspired paintings, a photo exhibit on feet and some large modern paintings by my old friend Ronald. Meilani loved the photograph of the elephants in India. The whole experience made me reflect on how long it's been since I actually got out my easel and paints and had a painting party. Definitely something to make time for this spring! ArtHop is a cool (free!) date night or family outing. It's a chance to meet up with old friends and celebrate art in the Central Valley. We'll definitely be going back.

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The Growing VM Family said...

What a cool and cultured daughter you're going to have!

Love, Jen