Monday, June 25, 2007

Breakfast with Friends: Meilani meets our Haitians

On Thursday we woke up early to meet some of our friends from Haiti for breakfast. Peter Costantin, the director of Christian Friendship Ministries, and he three daughters, along with our dear friend, Brother Jesta, were driving through Virginia on their way to South Carolina. We enjoyed coffee with them and Meilani had her first introduction to some of our Haitian family.

This was Brother Jesta's first trip to the United States so it was fun to hear his accounts of what he had seen. He kept saying that it was so much more than he imagined. As a young person, he remembers Grandma Bell (Ericlee's Grandma) telling him about the United States but now that he is here he said he's had a glimpse of heaven. Meanwhile, Meilani and Peter's daughter, Taisha, played and read books. Peter's wife and children are living in Maryland right now while they get their education with plans of returning to Haiti in a few years.

Peter filled us in on all that's been going on with our friends in Haiti. We also talked about us traveling there for Spring Break 2008. All the Haitians are begging to see Meilani and we're anxious to catch up with our relationships there as well.

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