Monday, May 12, 2014

a thanksgiving psalm

*I just finished a year of walking through the Psalms with a group of friends from all walks of life. We studied 5 Psalms a week, writing reflections on each and digging in deeper for select Psalms. I was so touched and challenged by the raw, honest, reflective, rejoicing, questioning, praising voice of David and the other writers of the Psalms. At the close of our journey, our leader Serena Isaak asked each of us to write our own Psalm and share it with the group. The following is my "Thanksgiving Psalm."


I give thanks, Father, for the way you hold me,
I offer thanks, Jesus, for the way you know me
I lift thanks, Holy Spirit, for the way you inspire me
I lay down thanks, Savior, for the way you
died for me.

You gift me joy in each sunrise
soaring from the darkness,
Joy abounding in little-girl giggles,
Joy blooming out of life’s hard soil,
Sweet joy rising from the ashes.

Your grace covers my imperfections, my fears, my frailties
Your mercy seeps into my thirsty margins,
Your grace binds my gaping wounds,
Your grace and mercy bless me,
inviting me to bless others.

I see your glory in the ribbons of color
chasing into the night sky.
I taste your glory in the sweet of a strawberry
dipping into a chocolate bath.
I hear your glory in the notes of a symphony
blending instrument voices into one.
I touch your glory in this baby-soft face
surrendering into deep sleep.

You whisper your glory to me in
these miracle-gifts -
And I am filled with
a song of thanksgiving.

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