Sunday, September 22, 2013

August-September Gilmore Gazette: Gilmores discover a sweet spot in ministry

Dear Friends & Family,

It’s hard to believe it’s already September! We are eager to share with you some stories from the last 6 weeks:

In early August, we had three friends from the Well Community Church in Fresno visit us in Pignon for the Men’s Conference. Chris Schultz, John Lynch and Sam Babcock joined Ericlee in teaching and facilitating the conference on the theme, “The Anatomy of a Disciple.” This was a powerful and transforming week for the 100-plus men from 4 different churches who attended. Chris was the main speaker and challenged the men to submit their hearts and read their Bibles regularly as a life guide book. The talks were a road map on how to be a disciple as Jesus modeled. Ericlee’s highlight was the closing night when the group had a footwashing ceremony and time of worship. He was truly blessed to see the young and older men uniting.

Our final week in Haiti, Dorina was asked to be the speaker for the annual Esther Women’s Conference hosted in Pignon. This was Dorina’s first experience teaching at a conference. She gave six messages on the topic “How to Be a Brave Woman of God.” She is discovering that speaking/teaching is a “sweet spot” for her in ministry. What a privilege to be able to share with the women and pray with many of them over “thorns they were bearing” and areas where they needed to face fear, loneliness and trials.

Ericlee is excited about a new small business venture for Christian Friendship Ministries in Pignon. Peter and Ericlee have put together plans and a crew is working on construction of a fitness gym. This gym will provide jobs for Haitians, a meeting place for Haitian young men to work out and an avenue for Ericlee to share his passion for fitness with new friends. The long-term goal is to make this into a Crossfit gym and garner support from various Crossfit gyms across the United States to help “transform” Haiti. Ericlee is thrilled to finally be able to use one of his big passions in Haiti.

This past month we have been transitioning back to our U.S. life in Fresno. Meilani just started second grade and Giada is in preschool. While the girls have been very eager for school and reconnecting with friends, we have had some unexpected changes at both of their schools. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom on how to proceed with both of their education. We are grateful for Dorina’s mom, Maria, who is now retired from teaching and offering some quality time to all three of our girls throughout the week to help them in their learning and allowing Dorina to concentrate some time on The Haitian Bead Project.

Fall is the kick-off of another fundraising season for Christian Friendship Ministries and for our family. Ericlee is preparing for the first event in the Remember Haiti Fitness series. This Saturday he will be hosting the Row-a-thon & Skills Challenge at Crossfit Combat Fitness gym in Fresno. Already 14 teams have signed up to row for 3 hours and help raise money for Haiti. We have also started training our 4th Remember Haiti Half Marathon team. This year we decided to take our team on the road and we will be running the U.S. Half Marathon across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on Nov. 3. We have 14 friends running and raising support for Haiti.

Finally, we ask for your continued prayers for our family’s future. We feel confident in God’s call to continue working full-time with Christian Friendship Ministries and The Haitian Bead Project. Although Ericlee would like to keep his foot in the door at the gym coaching some regular classes, he does not have time for both personal training and attending to all the needs of the non-profit. Dorina is volunteering 20-plus hours a week with The Haitian Bead Project. Long story short: we love what we are doing but we can’t keep doing it unless more of you help us. Would you consider joining our monthly prayer or financial support team? Would you help us share this opportunity with a friend or business that might like to invest? We need at least $1,500 more monthly. Every little bit counts!

Saying Yes to God,

Ericlee, Dorina, Meilani, Giada and Zayla

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