Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walquis & Juno welcome new baby Deborah

One of my highlights this summer was holding sweet baby Deborah and snapping some photos of her loveliness. Deborah is the daughter of our dear friends, Walquis and Juno.
They live in Pignon with their oldest daughter, Amanda, who happens to be one of our Giada's best little Haitian friends. Walquis was my student 12 years ago when I lived in Haiti and taught English. I still remember those days when he was mostly teaching me Kreyol and I was teaching him all the ways we break the grammar rules in English.
Today Walquis is the Music Director at the Pignon Evangelical Baptist Church and one of the chief translators for Christian Friendship Ministries. Walquis has grown so much as a daddy and husband and also in his calling to serve as a leader in his community. His little Deborah was born on a sweltering summer morning. Juno had her in the Pignon hospital. She was a perfect gift from God!

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