Saturday, January 19, 2013

Consider joining our support team in 2013!

Dear Friends & Family,

We depart in less than a week for Haiti again. Yes, this traveling back and forth between California and Haiti is becoming a lifestyle for us. At times we do feel like we are living out of overstuffed suitcases and half-unpacked boxes, but we also have embraced that this is the life God has called us to. Truth be told, He has called all of us to be sojourners in this world looking toward a more settled life in Heaven with Him.

We are writing to give you all a quick update on our plans for 2013, recognizing as it says in James 4:15 that God is the one who orders our steps and our calendar day by day. We depart on January 24 with our family of five and a team of 8 additional people from Trinity Community Church in Fresno. The group is led by Richard and Gina Wathen. Our goal for this trip to is build furniture for the recently-completed orphanage building in St. Raphael and meet the children who will live in it. 

We are excited about sharing Haiti with new people! Dorina will also be working with Gina and another team member, who is a videographer, to put together a short film about The Haitian Bead Project. We are celebrating the way God has grown this business in 2012 and looking for new ways to expand it in 2013. Please let us know if you have suggestions of stores, boutiques, fairs or even private events at your church, work or home where we could share jewelry. While in Haiti, Ericlee will be checking in on the schools and churches as well.

We return to Fresno on February 1 and jump right into Missions Festival Month at our home church, The Bridge. We will have a month of speaking opportunities as well as a major fundraiser at Ericlee’s Crossfit gym on Feb. 9. Ericlee continues to work half time at personal training and coaching in 2013. We just launched a new web site. God continues to open doors through this avenue. If you know someone who might benefit from fitness and nutrition training, please send them our way!

We plan to return to Haiti again for July and August with our family. We are thrilled to have at least four different churches/groups interested in coming to serve in Haiti this summer. We have prayed for years for more people to get involved! We will host them and continue to be a cultural bridge for visitors who stay in Pignon to work alongside the Haitians.

Please consider committing to join us in prayer over our travels and plans. It was a struggle to pay our bills in 2012. We are praying to find at least $600 more in monthly supporters. Please consider being a part of our regular support team or even sending a one-time donation toward our travels in 2013. This is our opportunity to take our greater community with us to Haiti.  Stay connected with our journey right here.

Serving Together,
Ericlee, Dorina, Meilani, Giada & Zayla

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