Thursday, October 11, 2012

She's on the move: Zayla turns 9 months

Our sweet Zayla Arshaloos is 9 months old in these pictures. She is already walking and following her older sisters around the house. She loves to climb into the dishwasher when daddy is washing dishes. She giggles at her accomplishment. Her favorite foods include bananas, sweet peas, broccoli and ice cubes
Zayla is always smiling, showing off her double dimples. We were surprised that she is actually a blondie like her daddy. Her hair even has some strawberry blond tones. How did that happen?

This week Zayla has figured out how to climb up and scoot down steps. Thank goodness we only have a few steps at our house. This girl is keeping Mama and Daddy busy - but we love it!

Photos by Allison Vasquez at August Grace Photography

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