Friday, April 13, 2012

Celebrating 9 years of marriage

Nine years ago today Ericlee and I stood before our closest friends and family and spoke our wedding vows. Snow fluttered to the ground outside the picture window behind our ceremony.

I remember the multicultural ceremony with special music, scripture read in different languages and Ericlee washing my feet. I remember looking out to rows upon rows of friends and family who came to support and celebrate with us. Peers and mentors were there that day.

I remember popping appetizers with our wedding party and swing dancing the night away.

But an anniversary is much more than celebrating that single event. Today we celebrate nine years of wild adventures as we have followed God as a couple.

Marriage isn't always this blissful ride but I can honestly say I am grateful for each day with Ericlee Gilmore. We refine each other as we learn to love more completely. It's not about happiness as much as it's about dig-your-heels-in commitment and choosing mercy and grace to uncover joy on the other side.

I never imagined myself in this place at this time. Sure, I dreamed about having kids, desired to travel the world. But today I see the colors and nuances of how God brought all that, brought us together.

Ericlee, you are a joy-gift to me!

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