Thursday, September 08, 2011

Our firstborn heads to her first day of school

Last Thursday was our Meilani's first day of kindergarten at Fresno Montessori School. We just returned from Haiti in time for a parent orientation and the first official school day. We are so excited for Meilani to be a part of the Montessori experience. Ericlee and I visited the school last spring and we love their philosophy of education. The students are able to visit different stations around the room and choose activities. They are taught independence and responsibility. Ericlee especially loved the way the students learn Math and Reading and have the opportunity to excel. Each student works one-on-one with the teacher on these skills. We also love that they emphasize healthy snacks and eating. Meilani was delighted that the snack the first day was "something healthy" - slices of cucumber and bananas!

They also enjoy Spanish class, Dance & Movement, as well as a Large Motor Skills practice outside each day. In the Spring, the class will focus on learning through art. Meilani's teacher has a special heart for teaching cultures of the world and each month they will be focusing on a different continent this year. Meilani can't wait to share some souvenirs and experiences from her time in Haiti.
The class of 15 students is very diverse with kids from many different cultural backgrounds. The majority of the children also speak a different language besides English. This is one reason we thought the school would be a perfect transition place for Meilani as we have just returned from a 3-month stint living in Haiti. Daddy was so proud of his Meilani. It's hard to believe that our firstborn is 5 years old now and off to school!
Grandma Chris took the day off work and joined us for a picnic at the tables outside Meilani's classroom. The class starts at 12:15 p.m. each day. The afternoon session affords us family time in the mornings and lunch together.
Giada was there to send her big sis off to school as well. Giada informed us: "When I get bigger, I go to class like Lani." 

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VM Family said...

Wow, this school sounds tailor-made for your family! Yet another exciting way God provides for the Gilmores! :)