Thursday, June 23, 2011

All-Natural Haiti: A Photo Essay

Ok, let me start with a quick disclaimer: I'm not a photographer. I love photography but I'm pretty spoiled at home in Fresno because a few of my best friends are photographers and many friends have state-of-the-art cameras. That said, we wanted you all to have a view of our life in Haiti through pictures. Most days our internet connection isn't fast enough for uploading photos but we went for it today. Enjoy the journey!

Ericlee, Giada and Meilani hang out in the pool at Smith's Guest House/Hotel in Port Au Prince. This was the first time we have ever seen a swimming pool in Haiti so we were pretty excited. We were blessed our Haitian Director Peter is good friends with the owner and we got a great deal.

This original Haitian painting depicts the earthquake that happened in Haiti on January 12, 2010. The details speak of the damage and chaos in the aftermath.
Ericlee and Peter were eager to dive into a meal of Haitian fish soon after we arrived in Haiti.

Our Giada is in love with all the little goats she sees in the streets of Pignon. The kids from the orphanage next door are raising this little goat. Giada loves to feed it grass and chase it through our yard.

Kids from The Bridge Christian Children's home welcome our family with open arms. They were eager to get a game of soccer aka futbol going right away.

Milove and Guetchine pose with their handmade pillows from the Vasquez family in the U.S. The kids loved these fleece pillows with pockets and little toys hidden inside.

Judelene shows off her skills carrying a bucket on her head. This is the typical Haitian way of carrying very heavy loads. In the country, women (and some men) line the streets carrying large loads of coal, buckets of water or baskets of fruit.

Ericlee hugs his goddaughter, Keta. She was born 10 years ago when we first came to Haiti for the Sports Camp with friends from Evangelical Free Church of Fresno aka The Bridge. Now she's a beautiful young lady.

Mangoes are our daily dessert. Meilani and Giada feast on them every afternoon.

Girls in the Pignon school attend the End-of-the-Year chapel on Monday. Pastor Mele gave a message to encourage the kids.

One of Meilani's favorite new past times is washing clothes with Madame Meriles. (I hope this eagerness sticks when we get back to Fresno.)

Karissa Perla is our friend Nella's new baby girl. She was born a preemie about a month ago. 

Estisonn begged me to show him how to knit after he saw me making a baby hat one afternoon. He was so determined he spent the next several hours learning the technique.

Our girls love riding in the new truck and especially our road trips to St. Raphael, which include driving across the river.

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