Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giada Esther Gilmore: Baby-girl turns Two

On Sunday evening we hosted a Goodnight Moon birthday party for our sweet Giada. We decided to have a "pajama party" with some of our preschool friends complete with breakfast for dinner. I had a lot of fun searching through Margarent Wise Brown's famous children's book for theme ideas. Our "mush" and heart-shaped waffles could be decorated with assorted fun toppings. Goodnight food.

As our guests entered the party, we had them pose in some bright yellow picture frames like in the book. Goodnight Nama.

Corban got the funny-face award.
Daddy Ericlee said the blessing for our birthday girl before we dug into an evening of fun.
Goodnight Daddy.

Gigi chowed down with her friends, including Caleb Fenton. Poor guy was way past his bedtime but he stuck it out for the party. Goodnight Caleb. Goodnight Friends.
Giada delighted in waffles with chocolate syrup, Nana's carrot cake, bunny-shaped fruit snacks and cereal. After breakfast/dinner, we read Goodnight Moon with all the kids and then went on a treasure hunt to find all the things in the book, which were hidden around our Great Front Room.
We requested books and DVDs to bring to Haiti with us. (The grandmas broke that rule but oh well.) Giada had so much paging through all her new presents. Goodnight gifts.
Goodnight moon!

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VM Family said...

Sooo cute! I am totally borrowing this pajama party idea for Delia's next birthday.

I really like the new look and title of the blog too!