Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Resurrection-inspired activities

Easter is one of the most important holidays in our faith. It's been a joy to teach our girls about their Christian heritage. We celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas and the resurrection of Christ at Easter time. This year we were very intentional about reading the parts of the Easter story in the Bible and talking through the events with Meilani. She likes to ask lots of insightful questions.

This year we were invited to an Egg-Decorating party at our friends, the Coombs' house. They had a contest for the best decorated egg.

Meilani's fabulous egg. Second place for the little kids' division.

Giada was more interested in eating the eggs than she was in decorating them.

Who says Easter has to be filled with junk? We found these great organic jelly beans, lollipops and Annie's bunnies at Whole Foods. Special treats for Meilani girl...

Nama Chris loves to give the girls baskets full of special treats and games.
Meilani shows off her book about Christ's resurrection and her new visor and activities from Nana and Papa.

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