Saturday, May 01, 2010

Dorina donates to Locks for Love

This year I decided to do something crazy. I generally get my hair cut around my birthday. I usually get a few inches cut and have them straighten it to wear to a party or other event. As most of you know, my long curly hairdo has not changed for years. I think the last time I had short hair was 5th grade. Last week my friend suggested I donate my hair to an organization called Locks for Love. They make wigs with real human hair for disadvantaged children who have long-term medical hair loss. These wigs might go to cancer patients or others. As soon as I read about what this non-profit provides I knew what I had to do. It was a little scary when my hair stylist took out the big scissors and chopped off my long ponytail. Then she proceeded to cut layers and a few more inches fell to the salon floor. In the end, I really liked the new style (and so did my hubby!) Sure, I plan to grow my long hair back in the future but for now it's a fun new twist on my look.

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VM Family said...

How cool that you helped out a great cause and got a FABULOUS new look! I love this new style on you!