Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cooking Club serves up "Luscious Lunches" for dinner

This month our Cooking Club decided to focus on "Luscious Lunches" in an effort to discover some more creative options to serve up for our families for lunch. Truth be told, these picks can be served up any time of the day.

Lavosh sandwiches were the star of the evening. Cori piles these with loads of colorful ingredients. Healthy, vegetarian and fun to make!
Susan, Christine and Micah help prepare the items for the sandwiches. We even made some peanut butter and jelly ones for the kids. The lavosh bread was a big hit with everyone.
I taught everyone how to make my Chicken Salad Wonton cups with Maple Pecans on top. These are a great appetizer for a fancy meal or fun to serve up to kids for lunch because they each get their own personal wonton cup.
This recipe won an award at the Big Fresno Fair in 2009. Very fun!
Meilani and Caleb pose with their "luscious lunches," which we ate for dinner. Meilani girl loved the Sweet Potato Fries we made with Spicy Avocado Dip.
Jackie and Aeniah also dug into our fabulous lunch fare. Our menu also included Asparagus Soup, Veggie Sticks and Oatmeal-Banana-Power Cookies, and Strawberry-Rhubarb Cobbler. All the recipes are found here.
This Cooking Club was definitely focused on letting the kids play and have fun. The kitchen was a *little* chaotic but it was still fun and we all learned some new tricks.

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