Monday, June 01, 2009

Welcome to Bubble Bonanza: Meilani's 3rd Birthday Party

We spent our Memorial Day celebrating Meilani's 3rd birthday with family and friends. The theme was Bubble Bonanza and we prepared "all things bubbles for the party." We had bouncy ball balloons, a bubble bath pool (pictured here), all kinds of bubble makers, a bubble art project, and decorated with polka dots.
The little ones like Niana and Olivia loved the new stand-up sand box Meilani got as a birthday gift from Nama and Grandpa. The sand made it feel like a beach bubble party.
We served up some of Meilani's favorite foods with the Bubble/Polka Dot theme. We made Bagel Pizzas with Bubble Pepperoni, Pesto Chicken Tortellini, Popcorn, Melon ball salad, Chocolate-covered Edamame, Chocolate cupcakes with Strawberry bubble tops and lots more.

Mama's fun treat of the party was making this Bubble Cake. I had my first trial with fondant. I have a new respect for my cake-making friends who are pros. The fondant was like designing with grown-up play-doh. Very time-consuming but fun too.
We made a strawberry filling for the cake at Meilani's request. Bubblicious!
Micah Schmidt was the only boy in attendance at the party. He has his pick of all the lovely ladies in swimsuits.
Some of our friends, including Susan and Niana, had a ball swimming and splashing in the pool.

Meilani spent some time in the "bubble pool" with her cuz, Cynthia. Meilani thought a pizza party in the pool would be fun...

Our friend Aliza Ford is a life guard and she graciously hung out with the kiddos in the pool. Meilani poses here with Addy and Tessa Schultz.

The two Italian mamas, Maria and Anita Ford, hung out in the kitchen and helped get all the "bubble fare" out on the buffet table. They were a huge help and made the party not-so-stressful for me so I could really focus on the kids and birthday girl.

Meilani took care to read each card from each guest. A few of her fave gifts included a gift certificate for gymnastics from Nana and Papa and another gift certificate for an outing to the zoo with Stacie and Forest.
Josh and Paula Beery joined in the fun with their daughters Gabriella and Juliahna. Josh was the master of the balloons, bouncing them in everyone's face.
Nama and Auntie Shel enjoy some of the fabulous food and some good conversation.

Will Hierholzer, one of our former track athletes, even showed up at the party with a lovable, stuffed dog and a kite for Meilani girl. He stayed late to work on the "bubble art project" with Meilani and try out all the cool bubble makers. What a fabulous celebration with our friends and family!

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The VM Family said...

If the writing...or teaching...or coaching...or cooking things don't work out for you, maybe you have a future in party planning? What a great theme!

Happy 3rd birthday Meilani, you bubbley gal! :)