Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sister Time is the new Gilmore focus

These days Meilani has a new best friend. It was a little rough in the first few weeks of Giada's life. Meilani was sick and still trying to figure out her place in our new family dynamic. Now that the girls are almost 3 years and 3 months old there's a very different story. Meilani's new playmate is Giada.

Meilani announces throughout the day how much she LOVES her baby sister and how cute she is. Meilani love to help with diapers and fetching things for mama while she's breastfeeding Giada.

Meilani takes great pride in bathing her baby. (Is Giada pulling sister's hair?)

A friend gave us their double jogging stroller so another fave sister outing is in the stroller. Meilani holds Giada's hand and they gaze up at the trees together. Sure, every day isn't perfect and sometimes Mama and Daddy have to stress the word "Gentle" still but we've seen much progress in the Gilmore girl relationship.

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Anonymous said...

This is very precious. Meilani is appreciating her sister so much. I love the picture of Mei helping to bathe Giada while Giada "holds" her hair!
Love, Nana