Monday, April 13, 2009

Let Spring Begin!

We launched our Spring Break with a visit from my college roomie Jen and her girls, Delia and Ella. Jen brought us yummy Dutch meatball soup for lunch with fresh bread, fruit salad and almond bars. (We're so spoiled! I guess that's another perk of having a cute newborn to show off...)
Meilani was excited to introduce her baby sis to Ella and Delia. Ella *gently* held Giada. (Ready for #3, Jen?)
We went on a mini-field trip to Oso de Oro park - Meilani's fave hangout. We had to feed the ducks and show our friends all our best spots. The sun was shining and we even had to get out the sunscreen and shades.
The three older girls chased each other around the maze while the mamas caught up a little bit sittin' in the shade.

The theme of the week was "QT with Good Friends" and we were so happy to share the first day with our fave California Dutch girls.

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The VM Family said...

I think you'll beat me to #3 for sure! ;)

As always, love the story you tell. Thanks again for your hospitality!